Toy Aircraft Mech Storage
Product Design
Xbox One FUSION Pro Controller
Industrial DesignGame Design
The Power Vest
Product Design
INFINITY - Display Globe
Product DesignToy Design
INFINITY Power Disc Storage
Product DesignToy Design
Hall of heroes Figure Carry Case
Industrial DesignProduct Design
Skylanders Chompy Pop Up Storage
Product DesignToy Design
Toy Mech Storage Station
Product DesignToy Design
Skylanders Garage Case
Product DesignToy Design
Home Base Product Design
Product DesignToy Design
Fox McCloud Sculpt for polyresin figurine スターフォックス
Product DesignSculptingToy Design
Mika - A 3D Printed Toy Model
Character DesignDigital ArtIndustrial Design
3D Printed Glasses / Plastic and Stainless Steel
FashionIndustrial DesignProduct Design
Dodgers BobbleHead Maury Wills
Industrial DesignSculptingToy Design
Dodgers Bobblehead Kenley Jansen
Industrial DesignSculptingToy Design
Billy n' Birdy - On the Farm Mobile Game
CartooningCharacter DesignGame Design
Sketch Book Pro - Hero Challenge - The Deep Blue
CartooningCharacter DesignIllustration
Digital ArtIndustrial DesignProduct Design
In-Game Real-Time Cinematic
AnimationArt DirectionCinematography
Project SINA - Game Tech Demo
AnimationComputer AnimationGame Design
Project SINA 3D Game Model - Robotic Armor
Character DesignCostume DesignDigital Art
Project SINA 3D Game Model - Kanga Squid
Character DesignComputer AnimationDigital Art
Project SINA 3D Game Model - Flying Dimorphodon
Character DesignDigital ArtGame Design
Project SINA 3D Game Model - The Land Squid
Character DesignComputer AnimationGame Design
My Past Sketches
Character DesignDigital ArtIllustration
My iPad - iPhone Sketches
Character DesignDigital ArtPainting
Salon - Mobile Game Art
Character DesignDigital ArtGame Design
IceeStrore! - Mobile Game
BrandingGame DesignGraphic Design
CookieDough Bites Factory - Mobile Game
AdvertisingCartooningDigital Art
Instant Jam - Social Facebook Game
Digital ArtGame DesignInteraction Design
CookieDough - Mobile iOS and Android Game
Digital ArtGame DesignUI/UX
SINA - Real Time Game Character
Character DesignGame DesignProduct Design
SuperPretzel Toss - Mobile Game Art
Digital ArtGame DesignInteraction Design
Sunnyville Pets - Mobile Game Art
CartooningDigital ArtGame Design
My Past Sketchbook of Sculptures
Character DesignSculptingToy Design
Marketing 3D Visualization BMW
Automotive DesignExhibition DesignIndustrial Design
Automotive 3D Visualization and Design
Automotive DesignComputer AnimationIndustrial Design
Car of Tomorrow Inspection Platform
Automotive DesignEngineeringIndustrial Design
Marketing 3D Visualization AMG
BrandingComputer AnimationIndustrial Design
DOW Air Filters Display Kiosk Design
BrandingDigital ArtIndustrial Design
53 Foot VIP Hospitality Trailer Design
Automotive DesignExhibition DesignIndustrial Design
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